• Commission account or subscription?

    It is up to the merchant to decide whether to charge on a subscription basis or on a sales commission basis. The type of account cannot be changed after registration. In exceptional cases and on individual request, the platform can change the type of account, but only before the first sale. You can read more about account types here [knowledge base link].

  • How to register as a seller?

    To sell on the platform, please fill in the form [link to seller form]. After registration, your account will be activated after checking your data and documents. Then follow the instructions [link to knowledge base registration - Anleitung].

  • Who can sell products on the platform?

    Any Company registered in the EU, Switzerland and UK offering vegan products can apply to register on the platform. The detailed criteria are set out in the Rules for Sellers.

  • My account doesn't work, my products don't appear on the platform. Why, what should I do?

    There are several reasons why your products are not yet visible on the platform. You can read more about this here [link].

  • I have various products on offer. Vegan and regular, can I sell vegan products with you?

    Yes. However, the final decision is taken individually for each Distributor.

  • I sell my Products on the platform. I have a problem buying other Products

    If you already have an account on the platform as a seller, you can register on the platform as a buyer, using a different email address.

  • Is the platform a money back guarantee?

    We guarantee a refund if the Product has not been delivered or in case of a return following our instructions [link to return].

  • I have sent back the product but have not received a refund. What should I do?

    If you have not received your money within 7 days of delivering the Products to the Seller, you can contact the Seller or report the problem directly to us. To do this, use our Support system [link to sign up] and send the report as "problem with the seller".

  • Can I return the products to Vegan Shops Gallery?

    No, the products must be returned directly to the supplier. If the Products are sent to our address, the return will not be accepted and the Parcel will be sent back to the Buyer at the expense of the recipient.

  • Do I have to send a written statement of withdrawal to return the product?

    Not if it is not explicitly stated in the retailer's terms and conditions. A written statement is required if you wish to withdraw from the contract before the delivery of the Products.

  • I have bought products from several sellers and I want to return only to one. Is this possible?

    Yes, it is possible. You will have to return the products to each seller separately.

  • How to Return a Product

    To return a Product, you must log in to your account. Use the "Return Product" option and confirm it, then send the Product back to the Seller's address.

    A detailed description can be found here: >>> [link to knowledge base].

    If you bought as a "guest" in order to make a return, you need to register on the platform.

  • Can I exchange the product for another?

    No. An exchange is not possible, but you can return the product you ordered and re-order it if it is available on the platform.

  • The seller does not respond to my emails

    If you have a problem with your delivery or return and the seller does not respond to your requests, please send a request directly to us. To do this, contact us via the Support form and select "Problem - Sales fulfilment".

  • From which countries can the products be ordered?

    Orders are carried out in all EU countries as well as Switzerland and the UK.

  • What does VSG do on sustainability?

    We follow the philosophy that the Earth is not ours in an absolute and unlimited way. We only borrow it from our children and grandchildren, so we treat it uniquely. Not only do we take care of its healthy development, but we also try not to pollute it, not to degrade it and, as far as we can, to protect it from activities that are detrimental to the existence of the Earth. Our way of farming,

    Our way of farming, in which we satisfy our own needs, does not diminish the chances of satisfying the needs of future generations.

    In sustainable development, the environment is its foundation, the economy is its tool and social well-being is its goal.

    Therefore, Sellers using our platform are required to use biodegradable or recyclable packaging and parcel fillers, including tapes to seal the parcel. The tapes have plant-based glue and the packaging is also recycled.

  • How can i be sure that the product is vegan ?

    VSG ensures that all products offered on the platform are vegan and meet the following criteria:

    - the products do not contain ingredients of animal origin, except that food products may contain a small, trace amount of milk (such a declaration is made for certain herbal products derived from plants that may come into contact with cattle),

    - the products have not been tested on animals

    - no animals were used in the production process,

    - Fish, bees and seafood are also referred to as animals.

  • Delivery address other than residence

    When placing an order, you can specify a billing address other than the delivery address